Donation :Empowerment of Widows – Sewing Machine 1-2-4 Project

Published February 16, 2015 by gpoojari in Donations, News

Lions Club of Milton Keynes Central has donated £50 towards – Sewing Machine 1-2-4 Project.

Empowerment of Widows – Sewing Machine 1-2-4 Project

Did you know?

  • 245 million widows with over 500 million children suffer in silence worldwide
  • 1.5 million widow’s children die before their 5th birthday
  •  Widowed women experience targeted murder, rape, prostitution, forced marriage, property theft, eviction and social isolation
  •  HIV/AIDS, ethnic cleansing, armed conflict and poverty are among the most prolific causes of widowhood.

This perpetuates a vicious cycle – one that we are determined to break.

IPIP Lion Barry Palmer, PID Lion Phil Nathan and Lord Loomba met to discuss how Lions could have an effective partnership with the Loomba Foundation. The outcome being a signed Memorandum of Understanding at the Europa Forum with CC Lion Michael Phillips.

Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs of the British Isles and Ireland have partnered the Loomba Foundation to support and promote its sewing machine appeal to empower disadvantaged widows by enabling them to become financially self-sufficient, giving them back their dignity.
So how does the 1-2-4 project work?
If a Lions Club donates £100, the Loomba Foundation will match it with £100 and Lions Clubs International Foundation will donate £200, making a grand total of £400.

Each sewing machine and training costs £50, so £400 would enable 8 sewing machines to be purchased. Lions Clubs have set a target to supply 2,000 machines to India.

Every widowed woman has approximately 3 children and six other family members in each household. So for every sewing machine purchased this benefits 10 people.