Community service – Aid to Mrs PB – With Gardern clearing, Rubbish removal & Dog Fenced off Area.

Published March 7, 2014 by gpoojari in Community Projects, Fund Raising/Community Projects, News

Mrs PB is an elderly Wheelchair user with a state pension. Three years ago she applied for a trained disable help dog. This year she was allocated a dog.
But the Dog trainers have requested for some improvement to Garden, They asked for a fenced off toilet area And also raise fences on the one side. So She
had asked for assistance from Newport Pagnell and Olney club, Who forwarded this request to Our club, because Mrs. PB lives in our Town.
Lion Mike Gower contacted Mrs PB and did initial assessment of her requirement.
The Work was divided in two parts.
The first part was to clearing the garden of rubbish and stacking it on the front drive for the council to clear away, cutting the Lawn, clearing an small area of
brambles which are smothering a shrub, cutting a hedge and replacing a fence panel.
The second part involves constructing a small fenced off area with a gate, for the dog to use for toileting.
On 29th March 2014, 11 lions and 1 spouse of lion helped to complete first part of this task .
Lion Mike Gower and Mayur Patel transported the fencing on Friday evenings.
Lion Kam Vara, Lion Mike Gower, Lion Kadu Shah, Lion Bharat Miangar, Lion Nisha tosar, Lion Nira Tosar, Lion Abhay Joshi, Lion Anil Jethra, Sangeeta
Jethra and Lion Girish Poojari helped with Clearing rubbish from shed and clearing and prepping the Garden for the Dog fence installation.
Lion Kadu will arrange with council for removal of the rubbish and Lion Bharat will organise to complete second part of this task.
Thank you all for this service in our local community.